It’s one thing to set goals for yourself, but quite another to actually keep to them day after day. For anyone who finds that they just don’t stick to their goals, “Keeping me On Track” will be a real lifesaver. Help us deliver an app and website that will remind you about YOUR goals, so there’s no chance of them slipping your mind

Staying on track with your goals doesn’t just help with that one particular thing - by seeing just how far you’ve come as you progress, you’ll feel better about yourself and develop a sense of achievement that can motivate you to take things even further.

Let us know what would work for you and we will do our best to deliver it….you will also receive the proposed PREMIUM (monthly subscription) version free for 12 months when we launch.

Trying to keep to a diet? Goodness knows it can be tough - temptation surrounds you every day in the form of mouth-watering treats. Without a little motivation, it’s easy to promise yourself that, “just today”, you’ll stray from your set path. Then that turns into another day, and then another… before long, you’ve put on weight, or fallen back into old habits.

You don’t need to go it alone - we’re here to help by providing friendly reminders to keep you on track, and stop you from giving up. It’s so much easier to stick to a diet when you have a little motivation, and we can provide you with just that.

It’s a problem as old as the gym itself - you pay for your membership, promising yourself that you’ll go every day, but that promise only lasts a week or two. Pretty soon, you’ve forgotten about your gym membership completely - at least, apart from when it shows up on your bank statements.

Whether its going to the gym, for a run, swim, cycle or even walking the dog, don’t let yourself slip out of a good habit. “Keeping me On Track” will make sure that you always find time in your day to fit in some exercise. Just a friendly reminder each day can go a long way to motivating you to stick to positive habits.

In today’s digital world, where everyone seems to be glued to their phones instead of out in the real world, it can be easy to let friendships fall by the wayside without even realizing it. We all have hundreds of Facebook friends, but how many of them do we really talk to each day?

By setting your own goals and reminders, you’ll be able to ensure that you aren’t neglecting any of your personal relationships, and that everyone in your life is getting the care and attention they deserve.

Find yourself going over budget every month? Dread checking your bank statements? Don’t beat yourself up about it - plenty of people have difficulty budgeting, and wind up having to scrape by in the days leading up to their next payday.

By setting your own goals, and keeping to them thanks to reminders, you won’t end up falling back into your bad spending habits. You’ll be able to save up for the bigger stuff, and feel better about yourself, knowing that you are making the right decisions with your money.